The New Hermeneutics

James Boyd

We have another heresy among us. Hermeneutics has to do with understanding the Scriptures. Some have become "educated" in man's philosophies and have decided we need a new approach to the Bible. Seeking what they call unity {actually it is only agreeing to disagree rather than unity) , and seeing that all are not united, some think we need to do something that will produce unity. So they have decided to look at the Bible differently. Instead of taking God at His Word they contend we can place whatever meaning we wish on whatever is said and everyone accept whatever anybody else decides. This sounds ridiculous but it is only because the new approach is ridiculous. What we should want is truth more than unity. To have unity at the sacrifice of truth is heresy.

Contending the Bible is no pattern for Christianity, this allows everybody to go whatever direction one might wish. To think that our "Christian" schools are contaminated with such malarkey is heartbreaking. But such false doctrine flows like water after a downpour among the elite "scholars" of our schools. No wonder truth suffers!